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Now that your child is one year old, they can sit without having to be supported and pull themsleves to a standing position.  They can also crawl on all fours and understand the meaning of the words "No" and "Bye, Bye."  At this age your child can also repeat sounds that are made by others, feed themselves cookies or small crackers, wave "bye, bye," and play "Pat-A-Cake" or "Peek -A-Boo."  They can also turn the pages of a magazine or book (more than one at a time) and pick up small objects with their thumb and index finger.


By the time your child is two years old, they are able to walk around the house, as well as up stairs (two feet at a time), and speak several words that are understandable and meaningful.  They can also refer to themselves by name and recognize their image in a mirror.  As far as eating and drinking is concerned, your child is able to feed themselves with a spoon and drink from a cup.  When it comes to play-time, your child should be able to occupy themselves, but is still able to play with an adult (ex: roll ball back and forth) and build a tower out of four blocks.  They are also starting to put two words together (ex: "more juice") and will be able to show body parts when asked (ex: eyes, nose, toes, etc).  


Our toddler department will assist your child in their developmental skills at this age by getting your child involved in song time, story time, gross and fine motor skill activities, one-on-one group interaction, circle time/Bible time, arts and crafts, outdoor play, teacher and child lead activities, and free-play opportunities.

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