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As an infant (6 weeks-1 year old) your child can now roll from their stomach onto their back.  They are also reaching for things, such as their toys and are able to transfer a toy from one hand to the other.  Your child is also now looking for noises that are made near them and can make sounds for specific reasons (ex: hungry, need changed, etc).  They are also helping you hold their own bottle while they are drinking.  Your infant can now reach for their toes, see their mirror image, and unfortunatley for you, can put everything in their mouths!


At this age your baby is fascinating to watch simply because they are exploring, learning, and even observing so much of the world around them.  Our infant department will help aide your baby in their growth and development by introducing your child to the following activities: tummy time, song time, story time, gross and fine motor skill activities, group one-on-one interaction, play time outside, sensory stimulation- verbal, visual, and tactile, as well as introducing them to baby sign-language.

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