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Your three year old child has grown leaps and bounds as far as their growth and development.  They are now able to walk up the stairs one foot for each step, as well as walk on their tiptoes.  As you may have already noticed they are also able to run fairly easily by now.  Their fine motor skills have greatly enhanced and they are now able to unbutton buttons, unwrap candy, and undress themselves.  As far as speaking is concerned, they are able to use words that make their needs known and can speak in three word sentences (ex: "Mommy go home").  Your child is also able to help you put away toys and clothing (when asked), turn pages of a magazine or book one at a time, recite nursery rhymes (ex: "Mary had a little lamb"), and can even imitate adults doing simple tasks.  By this age your child should also be potty trained.


Now that your child has turned four, their language skills have increased greatly.  They are able to speak clearly and can be understood by non-family members.  They are also willing and able to tell their own stories.  Your child is becoming more and more independent as they can dress themselves, feed themselves with a fork, and wash their face and hands.  They are also starting to get along well with other children their age.  Your four year old will also be able to build a tower of ten blocks, copy a circle, and even match some objects and colors.  


At five, your child has learned to hop on one foot, march in time, catch a ball with their hands, and can even brush their own teeth.  They have learned to follow two directions (ex: "Bring the ball and put it on the chair").  Your child can also point to spaces (ex: circle, square, and rectangle), name five colors, copy a square, circle, and cross, count to four, and has even learned to share and take turns.  By five, your child should also be able to take care of all their toilet needs.  


The Pre-School age department at our daycare will help your child grow by teaching and reviewing the following concepts: numbers, counting/sorting, colors, letters, shapes, feelings, potty-training, body awareness, social skills, and self-help skills. 


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