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Parent Testimonials

"I want to express just how much we love and will miss the people at Walnut Grove. I know I will never find anything close to what you provide for them in Las Vegas (I am trying though! You set the bar high!). I sincerely want to thank everyone who has touched my children's lives there. I have never seen a more dedicated, loving, and committed staff and environment for my children to spend their days. A little piece of my heart will truly be broken to leave this place. My children have grown and flourished in such a loving, caring, learning environment, which means the world to me as a working parent who has to be away from the all day. I cannot give enough praise to the wonderful people at Walnut Grove... Thank you so much for blessing my family as you have." 


-Rebecca Davis, Mother

"Thank you all so much for your amazing care for our daughter over the last 6 months! It was so hard preparing to have her go to daycare but our worries were put to rest after we visited! The first day, her teacher took time to talk with us about our daughter's personality and schedule. We have both noticed how much our daughter has learned since starting Walnut Grove! We are so sad to be leaving, this move is bittersweet. Thank you all so much for your wonderful care of our daughter, we can't thank you all enough! We'll miss you all!" 

-Michael and Laurie Giangregorio, Parents

"You have all been so amazing and have taken such good care of Jack since he was just an infant. You've given him the social, emotional, educational, and spiritual foundation for a successful future."   

 - Todd and Melissa Welsh, Parents

We cannot thank you enough for taking care of our baby boy for the past year. He has learned so much here and we are thankful for the time you spent caring for him. We will certainly miss you all! John Paul will miss all of you and his new friends. Thank you so very much!

-Matt and Christina Pierce, Parents

"It has been truly a pleasure to have you all at Walnut TAKE CARE OF OUR LITTLE GIRL. YOU GUYS TRULY DO LOVE HER AND TOOK INCREDIBLE CARE OF HER. IT WILL BE A HARD TRANSITION HOWEVER A NEW ADVENTURE WILL BEGIN FOR HER AND US AS WELL. we CAN NEVER TRULY THANK YOU ENOUGH ON WHAT YOU GUYS HAVE DONE FOR US. we especially want to thank you and char. char truly took cami in as one of her own and cami developed a great connection with her. sue and i are truly blessed to have been surrounded by so many people that loved and watched out for our little girl. Once again, thank you and god bless.


-Gabriel Sifre, Father

​“What I love most is the great staff to child ratio for older kids.  During these critical years, Shauna continues to receive a lot of individual attention while still learning group dynamics. The fact that they pray daily for my child and her family takes my breath away."


-Maura Rodgers, mother 


"We wanted to let you know of the significant change we've seen in Gio since starting here at Walnut Grove. Although it has only been a few weeks, we already see an improvement in his attitude and daily activities. He has adjusted very well and seems truly excited to come to daycare everyday. You and your staff did an excellent job making his transition as smooth as possible. It's been a blessing to see our child happy and surrounded by such a positive environment. We look forward to all the great moments to come!"

-Mike and Samantha Perrucci, Parents

“Walnut Grove Christian Daycare is very attentive to my child's needs and assists in any way to accomodate. The staff is caring and personable."

-Nicholle Fink, mother

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